About DRAFT Gastropub

The #1 pub of Istanbul in Zomato listing. (as of December 2016)

The Best Pub of 2015 in Kangurular listing.

Innovative & industrial design

More than 80 type of beers in bottles. 

Beer & food peering with smart menu

International cuisine.

DJ music of oldies.

After a stroll along the Bağdat Avenue, you feel hungry and crave for a good drink. A classic restaurant is too dull for you and a regular pub wouldn’t calm your restless stomach. If that’s the case, Draft Gastropub is exactly what you are looking for.

Not long, only a couple months ago, Draft has started serving its customers bringing food and drink cultures together as a “gastropub”, which is quite young among places in Turkey. With its delicious menu and over 60 kinds of beer, Draft is now a meeting points in Bağdat Avenue for beer lovers.

Draft attempts to implement our familiar “street food & beer pairings” into the restaurant atmosphere while serving non-fried food, suitable for the aroma and flavor rich Ales as elegantly as possible. Keeping various tastes in mind, menu consists of rich meat and fish options, including a delicious veggie burger for the vegetarians.

Draft provides a beer-food pairing system on the menu to broaden the beer culture. Beers are divided into three groups according to widely accepted classifications, distinguished by the letters next to their matching food. This way you know what goes better with seafood, grilled beef or even desserts.

Also a rich whiskey/bourbon collection is being offered which is available in Turkey through imports.

Draft’s industrial looks has its roots coming from an owner with over 20 years of experience in food and beverage industry, with an aeronautical engineering degree and also obsessed with aesthetic and mostly functional applications of technical details. You immediately notice the portholes, rims, gears, valves and pipes along with the rivets all around the place. The sculpture-like gear set is one of the most striking details that you can gaze into, while taking a sip from your beer at the bar.

Quality and the volume of the music is heavily moderated at Draft, which allows its patrons to have conversations in an energetic ambiance.

Draft is located at one of the most crowded spots in Bağdat Avenue, sided with the street itself and the prices match the pubs along Kadıköy-Moda track. The place has a smoker-friendly balcony where you can watch Şaşkınbakkal-Erenköy part of the avenue, which is also Draft’s center of attention.